Our Prescription Meal Program is effective and effortless and creates the security of being diet compliant for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

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Each meal plan comes with a subscription to Gourmet Everyday's Online Health Tracker, Nutriinfo. Nutriinfo allows participants to monitor calories and healthy lifestyle behavior. This program is also included with our online subscription.

Food School Community-Based Tracking Lunch and Learn

Teaching the Recipe for a Healthy Life

Food School

Shop, chop, cook, eat!© Gourmet Everyday's Food School educates the community on essentials of creating healthy meals. Our professionals will demonstrate techniques and recipes to use in your kitchen in order to incorporate healthy food choices into your life.
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Partnering With Our Community

Community Agriculture

Gourmet Everyday takes pride in utilizing local sources and connecting with the community. We make the extra effort and purchase our products from local farmers and vendors across Michigan to ensure our foods are simply the healthiest available. Come see us at local farmers markets where we feature Michigan's best products and demonstrate simple cooking techniques to try at home. To us and the farmers we partner with, eating locally and organically is a way of life, not just a product. Learn More

Tracking Progress Online

Meal Tracker

A full spectrum of essential health management tools are clearly laid out for you to stay focused on your health goals with support and motivation. Enjoy a healthy lifestyle with the program. The program will help you manage your weight by providing tools for logging weight, food intake, exercise and health indicators. It also provides scientific analysis, individualized advice and feedback from experts. We'll help you lose weight in a simple way and help accomplish your health goals! Learn More

Taste Our Advice

Lunch and Learn

Gourmet Everyday offers education demonstrations and cooking classes for the workplace. Our Lunch & Learn events serve as the perfect way to incorporate healthy choices into any business environment. Create an interactive, delicious and engaging way to excite your staff with healthy tips that are easy to use. Learn More