Our Prescription Meal Program is effective and effortless and creates the security of being diet compliant for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

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Fresh From the Start

Gourmet Everyday offers a personalized, convenient, high-quality, healthy, all natural and delicious solution for prepared meals. We are Metro-Detroit's premier freshly prepared, healthy-eating meal delivery service. Our team of nutritionists, physicians and award-winning chefs combine gourmet meals with scientifically tailored nutrition to support a nutritionally intelligent lifestyle. All entrees are prepared fresh and delivered to a location of your choice. Gourmet Everyday is the most convenient and delicious way to achieve your lifestyle goals. We are a health-dedicated team of talented, experienced and educated professionals working together to create the best product available.

Michelle Kobernick

Michelle Kobernick, Gourmet Everyday Founder

In 1989, Michelle earned a bachelor's degree in exercise science and instantly began helping people improve their health through diet and exercise as a personal trainer. She furthered her education and pursued a teaching certificate in health and physical education. After expanding her education to include an Elementary education endorsement, Michelle worked in a unique farm based educational setting teaching life science to school district children. While spending time at the Bowers School Farm, she learned about the importance and health benefits of organic farming.

Michelle began incorporating fresh farm ideas into her cooking and sharing meals with her family and friends. She discovered her love for cooking and pursued a career as a personal chef. It was then she realized the opportunity to create meal plans that compliment individual's diets. With her background expertise, Michelle assembled a team of physicians, nutritionists and chefs to create Gourmet Everyday.

Michelle believes the right formula for a healthy body is ultimately the same as it's been for ages: eat the right foods in appropriate amounts, exercise and rest.

Michelle is married with four children and three grandchildren.

Our Story

Michelle Kobernick of Gourmet Everyday

While working as a personal chef, Gourmet Everyday Founder Michelle Kobernick found her calling. Clients were asking for healthy meals to fit into weight loss programs. In 2005, Michelle created the perfect solution: Gourmet Everyday, a program for people who seek a healthier lifestyle, but don't have the time or means to make the meals.

Michelle holds a degree in exercise, science and health and has expertise and passion for great food and wellness. In 2005, she created Gourmet Everyday with a team of a nutritionist, a physician and talented chefs to design a play anyone can use to become healthier.

Gourmet Everyday plans are the perfect blend of fine dining and scientifically tailored nutrition to support any individual's unique plan. Our customers manage their weight effortlessly and are more satisfied at meal time. Order from your desk and have deliciously healthy meals delivered directly to your home.

Our Food

Healthy, Natural Meals

Many health, fitness and dietician professionals praise our food as the perfect regiment for a balanced healthy diet. Our food is low in sodium for proper treatment of high blood pressure, absent of processed flours and sugars, which is recommended for diabetes and insulin resistance and rich with lean protein to repair and rebuild the body. Our food is also high in fiber, known to lower cholesterol. A high amount of potassium, known to keep blood pressure low and hypertension at bay. Gourmet Everyday provides the perfect solution for diets recommended by dieticians, medical professionals or fitness instructors to keep the body at its best!