Our Prescription Meal Program is effective and effortless and creates the security of being diet compliant for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

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Shop, Chop, Cook, Eat

Teaching the Recipe for a Healthy Life

Shop, Chop, Cook, Eat! Gourmet Everyday's Food School educates the community on essentials of creating healthy meals to follow a nutritionally balanced lifestyle.  Our professionals work with you to set up your prescribed food program, create menu plans to accompany it, and teach food preparation techniques that make it easy to eat healthy for a lifetime.  Work with instructors to enhance your cooking skills while learning a variety of basic recipes you can incorporate right away.

We have several options for our one-hour classes. 

  • Private session, one-on-one session
  • Semi-private session, which can include up to four (4) people
  • Group session that can cater to five (5) or more people

This multifaceted structure allows any level of culinary experience to take advantage of your Food School topics, and beyond.  Whether you are a new in the kitchen or a seasoned at-home chef, we are confident that you will walk away from this type of hands-on experience with a better sense of how to prepare healthy meals.

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This introduction course focuses on designing and implementing the perfect shopping list of healthy, local foods. Through a unique historical journey, students will be able to understand critique and identify seasonal growing practices for optimal taste, cost effectiveness, and nutrition.

  • Food History 101 Agricultural history and policies that affect food production
  • Principles of a healthy eating lifestyle Shopping seasonally nutritionally and cost effectively
  • Organic Demystified Vocabulary terms and market definitions for healthy shopping
  • Local farmers market or grocery shopping tour


Students learn how to use common kitchen equipment to improve recipe preparation skills. Each student will learn to evaluate recipes for the time management and nutrition information by building calorie appropriate meal plans. Students will meet with real farmers who will provide an organic perspective on the importance of healthy, local, natural foods; consistent with Gourmet Everyday's mission statement.
Duration: 3 Weeks

  • Kitchen equipment and knife skills
  • Menu planning
  • Recipe reading
  • Mise en place Understanding the steps of organization that make cooking a breeze


Prerequisite: CHOP

Kitchen experience is the forefront of this course. Students will demonstrate competency of healthy cooking techniques such as: Grill, Roast, Sautee, Bake, Steam and Broil. Students will meet with real farmers who will provide an organic perspective on the importance of healthy, local, natural foods.

  • Dinners Healthy dinners for every day of the week
  • Breakfast Infinite ways to make breakfast interesting
  • Salads, Dressings and Soups, OH My!
  • Snacks and Desserts Making healthy snacks in advance to keep you satisfied


Final stage of Food School is where students will apply all of their past training to plan a healthy dinner party. We will share food with each other as well as take a trip to a local restaurant to culminate our experiences. This is the perfect group teaching experience.

  • Group Meals
    • Preparation of a group meal
    • Portion control in a group setting
    • Healthy dining practices
    • Etiquette
  • Dining Out Techniques to keep you on your plan in local restaurants
  • Individual or group
  • How to order healthy in a restaurant