Our Prescription Meal Program is effective and effortless and creates the security of being diet compliant for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

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Creating Health Education and Care for Patients

Health Navigators provides health education and care coordination services for patients with chronic medical conditions. Our focus is to:

  • Help patients obtain a healthy lifestyle
  • Monitor patient progress regularly
  • Strengthen relationships between patients and providers
  • Reinforce provider recommendations
  • Assist patients with self management
  • Improve health of high-risk patients
  • Report patient progress to the primary care practice
  • Connect patients with community resources to support healthy lifestyle

Health Navigators follows recommendations made by the Patient Centered Medical Home Model Initiatives, 4.0 Individual Care Management and 11.0 Self Management Support. The Health Navigators team is composed of a registered nurse, certified diabetes educator, registered dietitian, fitness consultants, certified health educators, behavioral specialist and other providers.

What We Do

Health Navigators strives to help patients implement and/or develop individual action plans. The Navigator will schedule an office visit with the patient to discuss the action plan, set attainable goals and enroll the patient in a program appropriate for his/her needs.

The Navigator will establish regular follow up protocol with the patient and monitor program progress. The Navigator team will identify gaps for the provider, share all updated chart information and report clinical data to the chronic disease management team members. Navigator will publish a patient file to demonstrate the physician's efforts to reach "fully in place" Patient Centered Medical Home insurance standards.

Health Navigators will communicate weekly with clinical team members and patients through meetings, phone conversations and online tools.

Benefits for Physicians

Health Navigators provides the following benefits for participating physicians:

  • Protocol to reinforce the provider's expectations and support the patient's action plan
  • Improve patient satisfaction with a program that provides continuous support
  • Online information sharing system to identify gaps in care and ability to report all clinical data to team members
  • Regular reports of patient progress
  • Patient enrollment in community exercise programs to improve healthy lifestyle
  • Arrange additional patient visits
  • Arrange for educational specialists to facilitate office visits upon request

Benefits for Patients

  • Improved overall health
  • Action plan support with appropriate goals
  • Continued communication and support regarding progress
  • Hands-on curriculum to teach healthy meal planning and preparation techniques
  • Personalized and immediate feedback each day to measure health status with online tracker
  • Discounted access to community resources related to improving chronic conditions
  • Coordinated appointments with educational specialists upon request


Group or Individual Visits can be held on or off site and billed to Health Navigators or the physician office. Pricing exists as follows:

  • Single Scheduled Visit: $30/person
  • Weekly Patient Monitoring (includes updated report for physician files): $15/patient or $60/hour
  • Hourly Consulting Fee: $60/hour