Our Prescription Meal Program is effective and effortless and creates the security of being diet compliant for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Locally Prepared

Gourmet Everyday provides all natural handmade products without added chemicals or preservatives. Never frozen, Gourmet Everyday's food is prepared fresh each delivery day.

Our foods are prepared fresh in a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen. We use only the best local produce and the highest quality ingredients available.

Convenient and Customized

Pick your menu, delivery date and location all from the convenience of your own desk. Our meals will arrive at your doorstep on your selected delivery day. Deliveries are made on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday each week.

All our items are listed with nutritional information. Choose from our scientifically tailored program or create your individual plan. We have the tools and resources to support any program you are involved in.

Healthy Meals by Gourmet Everyday include: