Our Prescription Meal Program is effective and effortless and creates the security of being diet compliant for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

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Feeling hungry? Although we have carefully designed your program for optimal weight loss, there are times when you may feel like you need a little more, especially in the beginning. We prefer that you limit these items, as they are to be used only when necessary. Here are a few suggestions for "legal" supplements for those tough days.

Snack List of Foods to Enjoy


All LEAN cuts are legal, as long as they are prepared using healthy methods. Buying lunch meats are great too, but make sure to stock up on low fat or fat free. Try deli cuts that are not overly processed. If you purchase ham avoid anything cured or processed with honey.

For a snack, try rolling up some lunch meats in a lettuce wrap. Add a slice of avocado, a scallion, or bell pepper to add crunch and flavor. You can use condiments that do not have sugar, like spicy mustard (no honey mustard) mayonnaise (regular, not fat free), Tabasco, sugar-free dressings, or prepared horseradish. Stay away from ketchup, unless it is sugar free.


Chicken breast, turkey breast and Cornish Game Hen are all good choices, but dark meat is permitted in limited quantities. As for breakfast meats, choose Canadian bacon and turkey bacon, or turkey sausage.


All types of fish and shellfish are good. You can make cocktail sauce with sugar free ketchup and horseradish to enjoy a shrimp cocktail snack.


Avoid all full-fat ice cream, milk and yogurt. You can have 1% or fat-free milk, cottage cheese, or fat-free plain yogurt. The rule of thumb is to stick to cheeses containing no more than six grams of fat per serving, such as Ricotta and Mozzarella.


The use of whole eggs is not limited unless otherwise directed by your doctor. Use egg whites and egg substitute (Gourmet Everyday does not use egg substitutes). A good snack is to scramble two egg whites with flavorful vegetables, or a hard boiled egg with flavored salt.


Munching on vegetables is a great idea. Cut some up and dip sparingly into hummus, or some fat-free, sugar-free dressing. Good snacks are celery, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, snow peas, green beans, zucchini, and asparagus.


Peanuts (20 small), pecan halves (15), and pistachios (15), are all great things to grab during the day.

These items are suggested for snacks during the day to supplement your diet. They should be used sparingly, so as to not hinder your weight loss goals. Don't give up! You're doing great! Keep up the good work!