Our Prescription Meal Program is effective and effortless and creates the security of being diet compliant for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"While filming for three months in Detroit, Gourmet Everyday helped me get in the best shape I've ever been in my whole life. I'm 46 years old and weighed 172 lbs. when I started filming in Detroit. Two months into the program, I weighed 158 lbs., my freshman college weight. The cost per day was low and I never had to cook during my busy schedule. I highly recommend Gourmet Everyday to anyone who wants to eat well and get into shape at the same time."
- George B., First Assistant Director at Youth In Revolt

"As a business owner and a personal trainer, I'm always on the go and looking for meals that can be healthy while also tasting great! Gourmet Everyday has made that happen for me."
- Nick Pietrykowski, Owner of Peak Physique Fitness

"On behalf of the entire Junior League of Birmingham, Mich., Inc. Board of Directors, I would like to offer sincere appreciation for an incredibly delicious meal preceding our monthly meeting. Not only did (Gourmet Everyday) deliver a nutritionally sound meal, but offered an array of flavors to please every palate in attendance. Truly, it was a gourmet experience and different from routine catering. Thank you for allowing me to introduce the board to Metro-Detroit's best-kept secret, Gourmet Everyday!
- Sandy R., President of the Junior League of Birmingham, Mich., Inc.

"Signing up for Gourmet Everyday's 12-week program was the best decision I ever made and the best money ever spent. I have lost 35 lbs. and am healthier and happier than ever. I learned what to and not to eat, but most importantly proper portion size. Thank you, Michelle, for taking care of me."
- Kimberly J.

"My personal trainer suggested Gourmet Everyday. I was diagnosed as Hypoglycemic and needed to avoid white flour and sugar and Gourmet Everyday was the perfect nutritional support team. My body began to react in the most positive way and I got a level of energy back so I could continue triathlon training. I lost more than 35 pounds and completed the triathlon in less than two hours, my best time."
- Michele Z.

"Being a Nutrition Specialist has taught me a great deal about getting the right food to fuel my workouts. Gourmet Everyday understands the value of this concept, and assists, in better workouts for a healthier life."
- Mike "Batman" Micene, owner Gotham Premier Personal Training

"My wife and I selected Gourmet Everyday based on daily delivery and preparation of fresh meals, which other companies were out-of-state or only offered frozen meals. Not only have our meals been 'bistro' quality, but also the owner contacts us regularly to ensure we are satisfied. In the first six weeks, my wife and I lost a total of 37 pounds. Not bad for eating gourmet food everyday!
- Russell and Mary B.

"You may already know that we've partnered with Michelle Kobernick, owner of Gourmet Everyday, metro Detroit's premiere food service. I have personally used Michelle's service for the last two years, and I highly endorse it! "
- Pete Swiatek, owner of Pete's Body Shop

"I lost 35 pounds with Gourmet Everyday. It was great having the convenience of delivery to my door."
- Evan S., West Bloomfield, Mich.

"I lost 25 pounds with Gourmet Everyday. They prepare everything that you know is right for you and it's at your door everyday."
- Dianne V., Bloomfield Hills, Mich.

"Nutrition is an important component in reaching your health & fitness goals. If you are challenged with getting your nutritional needs met, then a simple solution is Gourmet Every Day, great fresh food delivered."
- Boo Sadikot, Fitness Together

"Gourmet Everyday provides me with my own food special just for me. I have lost 16 pounds and more than nine inches off my waistline. Gourmet Everyday has changed my way of thinking and is the best I have ever done."
- Jerri S., Commerce, Mich.

"I lost four inches around my waist and 25 pounds. I had all the food I needed and it was great to have it delivered right to my door."
- John C., Southfield, Mich.

"For someone with a Christmas tree of heart problems, I should know better…5 heart caths, 4 angios, 3 stents and beta radiation in addition to being overweight and under exercised. I was told that my renowned cardiologist did not want me as a patient until I straightened up. I began the Gourmet Everyday program, and 21 weeks later I have lost 31 pounds. What is most satisfying is that this is a real lifestyle where you can (and do) eat regular tasty meals. Nothing is perfect and sustainable weight loss is a lifetime process, but I firmly believe that this program is the answer."
- Jay B.

"This program is the first diet that has really worked! I used to eat just to satisfy my taste buds and felt so tired after. Now I eat to fuel my body and I feel energized. It used to take 3 cups of coffee to get going in the morning and now I drink a half cup with breakfast and have way more energy! I can't believe what a difference this has made to my whole system. GE has changed my life. I love that the food does not taste like "diet food". I can really live this way!"
- Nicole J.

"As a business owner and a personal trainer, I'm always on the go and looking for meals that can be healthy and also taste great! Gourmet Everyday has made that happen for me."
- Nick Pietrykowski, owner of Peak Physique Fitness

"I love Gourmet Everyday because it takes the hassle out of having to figure out my portions, counting calories and staying on track. It has taught me a lot about how to eat right."
- Alissa S.

"It's a convenient, easy, and cost effective alternative to going out to eat. I have something healthy that is delicious and my whole family enjoys it."
- Molly L.

"You guys do great work – you make it easy and the quality of the food is excellent!"
- Bob M.

"I find your food to be delicious, robust, flavorful and it leaves me feeling satisfied and energized by gourmet everyday's healthy food."
- Erin K.

"The food is always tasty, fresh, aesthetically pleasing and a treat to eat. This is the perfect opportunity for someone with a busy lifestyle to get back on track."
- Jean H.

"This is a fabulous program and a real asset to my losing weight. The convenience of having the food ready for me is wonderful."
- Joan C.

"Thank you so much for GE - been trying to do it on my own for ages with 0 results - and at last with GE I am seeing and feeling a difference! Yea! Thank you!"
- C.S.

"Gourmet Everyday is so great! It has exceeded all my expectations and changed my life."
- S.N.

"Thanks to Gourmet Everyday for helping me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and back to feeling like myself."
- R.C.

"The food is absolutely delicious! I love everything I've had!"
- C.F.

"The food was great. The turkey burgers w/ Tzatziki sauce were seriously the best I've ever had!"
- N.T.

"I LOVE GE!! Everything tastes SO good and fresh. Ordering is very easy, the desserts are fantastic!!"
- Rachel K.

"I LOVE the baked oatmeal, the dressing, the salad, and the flank - my favorite!"
- Jennifer D.

"While on the diet, I've lost over 20lbs and have been very pleased. It's an easy and fun way to lose weight."
- Saul L.

Everyone's sang the usual tune: I want to eat better, join a gym, get a trainer and make a lifestyle change. You've done the homework, picked the diet and now headed to the store to get the ingredients for your "new life."